Wi-Fi Socket DS.12.17 Poster.png

British General Wi-Fi Socket Video

Wi-Fi Socket DS.12.17 Screenshot.png

An animated video demonstrating British General’s Wi-Fi wall socket – features and benefits.


The aim of this video was to reach young adults that are looking to expand their wi-fi signal at home and aren't averse to simple DIY.

I had to convey the simplicity of the installation process as well as the benefits of the socket vs plug-in adaptors.

This was the first product video that I made that required creating a full scene. I only had a week to complete it, so I couldn't play with many house layouts or furnishings. I was asked to use vibrant colours and simple line drawings for the video, and the criteria I set for the house scene were that it had to fit well into a 16:9 widescreen format, and it had to show, clearly, how the product adds a boost to the house’s Wi-Fi signal.

Most of the competitor's videos focus on technical details which although good, they are too ‘techy’. I wanted something more approachable – so the video puts a greater emphasis on the visible benefit to the customer rather than the underlying technology. Animating in After Effects was straightforward, as most of the animation is relatively simple. The music brings the animation to life and keeps it engaging throughout.