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Luceco Product Videos

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A selection of videos created by me for Luceco, showcasing features and benefits of each individual product.


These videos were created primarily to showcase products at trade shows and were subsequently added to Luceco's social media.

Features and benefits of the product are discussed and agreed. Based on this I create a storyboard, and once this is approved I move on to Keyhost, for 3D animation. Once I am happy with the result these are put on to render and I move to After Effects, to animate text, overlay the 3D animation and add the visual effects, such as lighting.

Luceco was the first brand looking to increase their presence at trade shows with the use of product videos. Although I had learned very basic animation at university, I had to self-teach myself again. There was a big learning curve, especially as I had never animated in 3D before, but I have gained confidence in my animation skills.
Most of the videos made for Luceco take the same simple approach, as deadlines for these are always short.


I never thought physics would come into the job of a graphic designer, but mimicking real-life lighting, natural (sun/moon) and unnatural (city lights and ceiling lights), was not a straightforward task. In the end the effort paid off. The video was a great success, and the FType was one of Luceco's best-selling products of the year.

An exception to the regular approach was the FType video, where I had a month's deadline and the product manager had a clear idea of what they wanted. The soundtrack that we chose was bass-heavy, and I let that dictate the dynamics of the video. The greatest challenge, by far, was the 3D sitting room. Unlike with an object, where there are studio presets with the right lighting values, a room needs to have all its light added in, with the right values.