MP Catalogue Cover.png

Masterplug Catalogue

MP Catalogue Cover.png


The cover design is consistent throughout Luceco’s four in-house brands, as these can be delivered as a pack

MP Catalogue Spread 1.png

I created the product pages taking into account
the considerable amount of product information
that had to be included on each page.

MP Catalogue Spread 2.png

Then these were arranged into a layout that allowed for some flexibility – Masterplug has a huge range of products. Products with many features fill a page which remains visually clear and easy to discern and products with few features produce a balanced page with lots of white space, allowing the product to come through well.

As this is the trade catalogue, it must state all the features and benefits that the product has to offer. I identified seven different categories:
• Title
• Product images
• Demonstrable benefits
• Intangible benefits
• Icon benefits
• Table information
• Line drawings

MP Catalogue Spread 3.png
MP Catalogue Spread 4.png