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Product Videos

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A selection of BG, Luceco and Masterplug videos


An animated video demonstrating
British General’s Wi-Fi wall socket

The aim of this video was to reach young adults that are looking to expand their wi-fi signal at home and aren't averse to simple DIY.
I had to convey the simplicity of the installation process as well as the benefits
of the socket vs plug-in adaptors.

The main challenge was to get the video on-brand. BG’s main focus is B2B, and had never worked on a tone of voice for the consumer.
Animating in After Effects was straightforward, as most
of the animation is relatively straightforward. The music brings the animation to life and keeps it engaging throughout.

This product video required creating designing all elements, within a week. This meant very careful management of my time. The only request I had was to use vibrant colours and simple line drawings for the video.
Most of the competition focuses on technical details, whereas I wanted something more approachable – this video is aimed at consumers, so I put a greater emphasis on the visible benefit to the customer rather than the underlying technology.



These videos were created primarily to showcase products at trade shows and were subsequently added to Luceco's social media.

Although I had learned very basic animation at university, I had to teach myself on most animation aspects.
There was a big learning curve, especially as I had never animated in 3D before, but I have gained confidence in my animation skills.

Luceco was the first brand looking to increase their presence at trade shows with the use of product videos. Most of these take the same simple approach, as deadlines for these are always short. Key features and benefits of the product are agreed with the product managers, as is the tone of voice. Then a storyboard is planned and, once approved, 3D animation (Keyshot) and After Effects.

The greatest challenge was the 3D sitting room.
I never thought physics would come into the job of a graphic designer, and mimicking real-life lighting, natural (sun/moon) and unnatural (city lights and ceiling lights), was not a straightforward task. In the end the effort paid off – the FType was Luceco's best-selling product in 2017.

On the FType video (above) I had a whole month to complete the project. I was able to get a greater sense of direction from the product manager, and we started with music as the driving aspect. The soundtrack that we chose was bass-heavy, and I let that dictate the dynamics of the video.


PRO-XT Product Video

Pro-XT is the professional’s choice for portable power. This video was created to showcase the range’s many features and benefits to the trade.

Then move over to After Effects to work on text and objects. Once this was completed, music that reflected the brand's personality was added to produce a simple video that gets its message across clearly.

With a two-day deadline, the whole process of creating a video was simplified, and time management was crucial.
I chose the best-selling Pro-XT product and discussed all the features and benefits that were to be highlighted. After that, it was a matter of planning the camera trajectory for the animation and creating it in Keyshot (3D).