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I joined SimpsonHaugh after a rebrand, and was tasked with putting the new visual language into practice, for a variety of audiences. The main focus was print design, although sometimes a hybrid approach was necessary.

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Practice Profile

The practice profile is the company’s portfolio. It is constantly updated as projects progress – rendered images get replaced with commissioned photography and data and awards are updated as projects progress. With this in mind I adapted the layout to accommodate a variable amount of data, whilst keeping architectural photography the main focus.

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For the most successful projects we created a series of booklets that give an insight into the concept, design process, considerations and relationships between the practice and contractors, as well as reviews from people that make use of the building, be it residential, offices, cultural or other uses. This allows the practice to show potential clients its approach and prove why it is successful.

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Expressions of interest

An expression of interest is a document submitted to a competition. A number of these are produced, and they showcase the practice’s relevant experience to each specific brief. As the deadlines for these are generally short, I created templates for the cover, introductory pages, project pages, staff profiles and proposed team structure, making it a much quicker process.

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other requisites

The role required initiative and a drive to bring projects to fruition, and demanded great versatility in terms of deliverables, internal and external. A few examples were commissioning building and staff photography, content management, creating business cards, infographics, posters, postcards, gifs and even organising a staff ping-pong tournament – although I am not the best player, it was huge fun!